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By accessing the Mutonic platform corporations are provided access to thousands of IT suppliers worldwide, but only dealing with Mutonic

You are given the advantage of working with one partner and have the stock and price power of thousands.

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How to solve purchasing & logistics of IT equipment in
80 towns in 11 countries

Learn how Mutonic supports the growth of E-scooter company Voi by using the platform and Order IT to solve IT purchasing and logistics across the world with local delivery and local support.


At the Core of Mutonic

Stock, Price and Lead-Time Engine ( SPL )

At the core of Mutonic is our own developed SPL engine  that synchronize hourly mapping the stocks worldwide on millions of products allowing users to look up these products directly on the platform and effortlessly place orders online regardless if you need the product yourself or if it´s for an office halfway around the globe.

Read more in solutions on how SPL can benefit you and your organisation.

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Meet The People that make things happen

"I really appreciate the personal freedom in the job, good colleagues, and the constant development at Mutonic."

Mikael Brian Andersen, Advisor For Corporations & Network Specialist

"My colleagues and bosses are down to earth and approachable, and I get great possibilities to learn new skills, that I also can use later in life."

Malthe Nielsen, Customer Care

Global Reach & Coverage

The Mutonic Platform allows you to sit in one country and place orders for delivery half away across the world with few days delivery

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