The Platform

By accessing the Mutonic platform corporations are provided access to thousands of approved IT suppliers worldwide, but only dealing with one.

Get the advantage of working with just one partner but have the stock and price power of thousands.

At the core of Mutonic is the SPL engine.

Stock, Price and Lead-time Engine

Our in-house developed SPL engine synchronize hourly. The stock, price and lead-time data are configured and mapped out for millions of products. Customers can then simply look up their products on the platform and effortlessly place orders online. Also have your products delivered where you want – at your offices in your home country – or at an office halfway around the globe. The choice is yours.

Features Of The Platform


Gives you access to product ratings, tech-news, brand-new information and knowledge-sharing with other IT-professionals.


Customize the Mutonic platform with your own product catalogues, special prices and categories for different employer groups.


Try our IT webshop portal with more than 2 Mio products online. Also check out our feature: Best Price or Fastest Delivery.

Order History

Keep track of all orders, packages and deliveries. Easily create RMA cases and get access to financial data and your order history.

User Management

Create new users with different rights and approval flows. Add the possibility to allow purchasing only when certain rights apply.


Configure VAT values and other special configurations. Easily set up your company addresses and more.

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The Platform

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The Solutions

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Easily change country settings.

Purchase Locally, Regionally Or Globally.

A photo of a list of countries in the Mutonic platform where it is possible to place orders for a local delivery in another country

Designed to be your

ONE-STOP shop for IT

Before signing up with Mutonic

Before entering the Mutonic platform, most of our customers used to have one or a couple of suppliers locally. Or alternatively, used to search the internet for products, prices and stock availability, spending a lot of time trying to solve simple IT-purchasing needs.

After signing up with Mutonic

With Mutonic this challenge has been solved and improved. The platform is designed to be your one-stop shop for purchasing IT for your company.

We have made it easy to get started right away transforming your current IT buying process into the Mutonic Platform.

You can find everything from smartphones, laptops, network infrastructure products and niche products.

With our added possibility of cross-border deliveries, we can often deliver when others fail.


Find everything within smartphones, laptops, network infrastructure products and niche products on the platform.

Easy to get started right away

Start transforming your current IT buying process into the Mutonic Platform.

Local, Regional & Global reach

With our added possibility of cross-border deliveries, we can often deliver when others fail.

We will help you every step of the way

Every customer gets a dedicated personal contact here at Mutonic, as well as two contacts in Customer Care. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

If you are looking for a platform and partnership that provides you with:

Competitive Prices

Our technology within SPL makes Mutonic unique and stand out from the crowd.

Delivery Accuracy

Measured daily as a key performance indicator (KPI) for Mutonic.

Short Lead times

We are present locally in most countries and can also do cross-border deliveries.

Huge Stock availability

Our network of thousands of suppliers is second to none.
“Besides getting my products as cheap as possible I also have everything in one place”
IT Manager, GoodFood Group

Our team of experts are here for you

Reach out to one of our Team Members.

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