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A webshop for the green office

Great news! Our team has created a perfect example of a customized OrderIT webshop called GoGreen.

This innovative webshop is stocked with recycled and refurbished products, perfect for environmentally conscious employees looking to minimize their ecological footprint. We’ve designed this unique catalog of products to showcase how Mutonic’s OrderIT can be tailored to your sustainability goals. With a wide range of green accessories made from high-quality recycled plastic and glass, you can easily access these eco-friendly products for your office needs.

Explore some amazing products in the GoGreen webshop

The GoGreen example webshop features a wide range of products that have been carefully selected for their commitment to using recycled materials.

Targus 15.6” Cypress Hero Backpack with EcoSmart®, Grey

This backpack is made from fabric woven out of 26 recycled water bottles. It’s called the Cypress Hero Backpack with EcoSmart®. It can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and other work essentials. The backpack is designed to protect your things and also help the environment.

eSTUFF Infinite, Cable, USB-C To USB-C, 2m, White, 100% Recycled Plastic

The eSTUFF Infinite series is made from 100% post-consumer recycled thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) certified by GRS (Global Recycle Standard), and with a Kevlar® wire inside the cable with +50 kg pull strength.

Build your own categories

With OrderIT you can customize your own webshop for different departments in your organization, such as architects, engineers, technical designers, or sales staff. The user-friendly platform enables your employees to access the information they need quickly and effectively. See also other popular setups below.

Global IT Setup

Check out an example of a Global IT setup where employees can choose between thousands and thousands of IT products in the catalogue and have them send to your company's offices around the world.

Employee-Based Setup

Check out an example of an Employee-Based Setup where employees can order whatever smartphone they want. The company will pay up to a certain amount for it, and the employee will pay the difference themselves. The difference will be listed for each smartphone, so it’s easy to see how much it will cost them.

GoGreen Setup

The example that we are showcasing on this page is the GoGreen Setup. With this setup employees can choose between carefully selected office accessories that are made from a high degree of recycled plastic, glass or aluminum.

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